We partner with clients to create better work for bigger results.

Strictly Website in a nutshell

Strictly Website, founded in 2012 by Richa Kasrija is a creative agency that produces lasting results for their clients. Strictly Website stands for style and class. Many national and international websites are in the Strictly Website portfolio. Because the language of quality design & code is universal, right?

Strictly Website isn’t your average web-design agency, we’ll make you sit down and ask you some serious questions about your business goals. Richa’s passion is working with women entrepreneurs who understand that a website is more than just a website: It’s an experience.

We meet you where all the hopes come to an end – we collaborate with your brand & together we walk forward (killing all obstacles on the way) to forge a unique identity, an exciting brand concept or an eye-catching webdesign.

because its not just a website, its the image inside your audience brain.

Strictly Website merges art, design, information and technology into an exciting new communication concept. We do this in close consultation with you – because brainstorming is what we are good at. Each project requires a detailed analysis and a fresh approach – the only way to stimulate those extra creative impulses!

The talent behind the reputation

Graphic and web design is our business. We attach great importance to ‘craftsmanship’, but also to service and prompt delivery. Our past partners – whether they be the small/medium agency, trend-setting companies or even private individuals – have always been appreciative of our professional dynamism.

Let us be your guide

We are not an expert in business economic trajectories. But we’ve seen businesses booming and the income increasing with our applied solutions. In today’s time just having a website is just not enough. It has to be mobile friendly, SEO compatible, call to action buttons, newsletter subscription, connected mobile application, etc… we will do all that for you & more.

Every business has its own different success story. The solution we applied to one business, the same might not be helpful in your case. But we’d love to sit down and share our knowledge wealth to help highlight your own luminosity.

Together, we make an incredible team.

You want an original design, tailored to your needs? The creative team Strictly Website pulls out all the stops for your project, with a unique web design. Sit back, relax and let your web design do all the work.

We pride ourselves in conceiving digital stories that you will enjoy and love, even more than we do. We build relationships by doing business in good faith, based on character, integrity and trust, as we insist that our work must help your brand strive.

We’re a collective of creators, discoverers and doers.
Armed to the teeth with the best developers, designers, strategists, shooters, editors, and producers around. We specialize in forging big, beautiful, audacious web solutions for our brand partners.

We could show you pictures of stylish high floor loft offices and developers in shorts, sipping slurpee while coding, designers with sharpie’s, people holding glow-in-the-dark swords, a day at work in star wars costume and flying model airplanes, but we don’t.


We could make movies & post selfies about putting up an all-night working, people working in pajamas, running merely on caffeine and cookies, a week later we celebrated over pool party but we don’t.

We could write stories about how we are in love with great design, posting rough design sketches, design illustrations, how we match up your designs with the drawing as your 5 year old made and how much fun this work is for us, but we don’t.


We could brag all-day-long about how we bond with customers, we consider every client as a part of our digital family, how we celebrate each website launch over a crazy dance-off party, where everyone dressed up in retro style, drinks and great fun time together, but we don’t.

Instead, we are more concerned & focused about creating digital experiences like a bespoke suit – tailored to your needs, budget and designed to impress your audience. We work night and day to offer digital web solutions that prepare you for the future, right now!

Small team, but Big in ideas

We bring an inspired approach to all projects we work on, which is why our clients love doing business with us and why they keep coming back.
You have a project in mind? Let’s work on it together. Our primary focus is on web design & development but we also love to create your corporate identity.